About us

Crowdinvest Bank — your secure future

Crowdinvest Bank was founded in 2013 by professionals, experienced managers, marketers, analysts and financiers. Initially, the company was opened as a small Analytics Department that provides outsourcing services. Over time, the team reached a new level, was able to find its own investors and move to the level of financial funds. At the moment, Crowdinvest Bank offers its services to more than 85,000 investors around the world, who work together to buy back part of the cryptocurrency before it is sold. After analyzing and purchasing the most promising options, managers start working on withdrawing to the ICO, where most of the remaining coins are sold. The process of issuing its own tokens and exchanging them for popular cryptocurrencies, as well as for Fiat currencies, begins.the project attracts funding necessary for the further development of the company.

Today, the company occupies a leading position in the market of cryptocurrency projects, investors can be sure of the full security of their funds. Crowdinvest Bank operates officially and has a full package of documents and certificates that are required for work. We guarantee the reliability of your investment by the legality of our work.

Each tariff plan in Crowdinvest Bank will allow you to earn the maximum from each invested dollar. After making a Deposit, you can choose the appropriate tariff for you and invest it yourself. At the end of the Deposit period, you will receive the principal amount with interest, which can be withdrawn in a convenient way without restrictions. Join the Crowdinvest Bank team right now!

Our advantage

  • Work experience

    Crowdinvest Bank occupies a leading position in the market of cryptocurrency projects, the company's experience of 7 years guarantees good earnings on proven tariff plans.

  • Professionalism

    The company consists of experienced managers, marketers, analysts and financiers who have taken the company to a new level year after year.

  • Stable income

    Every day, your Deposit will bring you interest, which you can withdraw at the end of the tariff plan in a convenient way.

  • Prospect of development

    Now the company is focused on expanding its services and is looking for new investors for further development.

Documents on registration of the company